"Using noninvasive evaluative techniques and natural remedies, Mary has energetically treated and repaired sources of my weakest physiological organs and systems. Her profound but simple process is dedicated to improved wholeness, emotional balance and optimal health for herself, family, friends and clients. I remain hugely grateful to be on the receiving end of her restorative gifts."

Julie A., Florida

"I feel so blessed to have found Mary! I had tried everything for my cat, Buddy, who had a recurring issue with over grooming. After several vet visits, many rounds of steroid injections and diet changes, I spoke with Mary. The things she told me were amazing. She came up with a plan and schedule of herbs. We started immediately. One sidebar about Buddy:  He was always a pleasant cat, but everything was on his terms. You could pet him if he would allow it. He was always on the lookout and never seemed calm. Mary felt that Buddy experienced some trauma at an early age. I thought this would explain his skittish behavior. Well into the plan, I saw changes in Buddy! He jumps onto my lap (and my husband's ... a real shocker!) to be petted. When he's asleep in his bed, he remains asleep instead of jumping to attention at every sound. My cat is happier and more content, and I can only thank Mary for these awesome changes!"

Susie T., Pennsylvania

"My mother has received great relief with chronic joint pain. The remedies Mary gave her have truly given her greater mobility. She no longer uses a walker."

Teresa G., California

"Mary has been an answer to my prayers. She is very knowledgeable and is constantly researching, which brings her to new “discoveries” on an almost daily basis! She tries to find out what is actually causing the problem, and she does not just give you a supplement/herb to help you feel better.

All I can say is I feel so much better now. I have more energy than I had when I was in my 30’s. I do not get hot flashes like I used to. And the migraines I used to get weekly are all but gone! Mary has played a major part in that! Thank you Mary! My husband thanks you!"

Karen, Pennsylvania