I have always been interested in maintaining a healthy body, even as a young child. I believed I could stay healthy through exercise and good nutrition. As I grew older, I added the world of herbs and natural remedies to my awareness. I eventually developed a passion for helping friends, family and clients improve and maintain their well-being.

Many natural health care providers use supplements to support the body and maintain a sense of well-being. Often times, people take natural remedies repeatedly year after year, but the source of the weakness is never corrected.

After many years of working with clients and supporting their health issues with natural remedies, I was given an opportunity to change the way I perceived the human body and the many reasons for illness. I was exposed to toxins about eight years ago due to a series of unfortunate events. I was disappointed with the results I achieved after seeking assistance from other natural health care providers along with the allopathic modalities. I decided to find a way to help myself. 

I spent many hours researching to educate myself about the body's basic cell structures and the many chemical reactions that must occur to have a healthy body. Using the method of kinesiology, I began to measure my health at its deepest levels. Through my knowledge of nutritional remedies and my intuition, I developed a gift of alchemy through intention. I soon realized that I could measure my body’s weaknesses and then put together a unique formula of remedies with infused intention. I watched my percentages of health improve. I can honestly say I feel the best I have ever felt in my entire life!

Today, I am excited to share my gifts with others as I help clients feel energized, regain balance, assist in releasing buried emotions and empower the body to achieve optimal health. I would love to help you discover your physical and emotional roadblocks that rob you of living and enjoying a healthy life. My mission is to help others feel better physically, mentally and spiritually.